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Want a more personal approach to your paid search? Get help and advice from the expert paid search consultant - Peter Empson
Unbeatable personal service, at all times.
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Looking for someone who’s passionate about paid search?
Who understands your PPC accounts?
And who actually cares about your business?

Look no further.

With me and Rok Systems, that’s exactly what you get.
Someone who’s lived and breathed paid search and digital marketing for over twenty years.
Someone who knows exactly how to grow your revenue through effective pay-per-click marketing.
And someone who genuinely wants to help you succeed.

But you don’t just get someone like me.

You get me.

Peter Empson

Paid search management with a personal difference.

When your business works with Rok Systems, you’ll be working with me. Peter Empson.

I help businesses like yours make money. I get to know you and your goals. I understand your strategy and your products. And I get in the trenches doing the work that counts.

Too many PPC agencies bring in a dedicated pitching team only for you to find you’re dealing with a different junior account manager every time you get in touch. That doesn’t bring the attention and commitment you need to get effective PPC results.

Or perhaps you’re relying on an internal marketing manager to look after your paid search strategy, as well as overseeing a dozen other tasks? With their mind in so many places, they don’t have the time or expertise to focus on all the little details that make a big difference.

But with Rok Systems, you get me and my expertise, at all times. 

I know how to build a best practice account structure that’s highly effective

I know first-hand how PPC has evolved over the last twenty years and which new features should be implemented

I know what your business is going through, and what it takes to succeed

And I’m going to use that knowledge to help your business grow.

Expert paid search services

– straight from the expert –

Whether you want to maximize your ROI with the new Smart Strategies from Google or reduce your overall ad spend with minute attention to detail on each individual campaign, I can help you and your business.

What you get

All the paid search services you’d expect from a PPC agency

All platforms including Google, Bing, Facebook and Amazon

All with a single point of contact

What you don’t get

Agency juniors

Bloated management fees

Someone who doesn’t know - or much care - what’s going on with your account.

PPC consultancy, advice and a helping hand


A business partner

When you work with me and Rok Systems you get more than a highly qualified, highly experienced paid search manager. You get more than commitment and passion. You get a business partner.


Comprehensive support

Because I don’t just work on ad copy, campaign structures and data feed management. There’s much more to effective paid search than keywords and conversions.


Deep understanding

I get to know your business. Not a cursory knowledge gained by quickly skimming through your website, but a deep understanding of how your business works as a whole, what your strengths are and where those missed opportunities lie.


Years of expertise

I can’t help but share my expertise, experience and insight, because I’ve been where you are. I’ve managed my own e-commerce business for over five years, before running a multi-million turnover firm for twelve years - with growth driven by digital marketing.


Campaigns that work

I get into your business to fully understand it. I find out what sells and why. And I use that knowledge to drive adverts and campaigns that work.

Plain and simple.

I help you grow your business.