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Peter Empson is one of the most experienced paid search account managers you’ll meet. And you can work with him to grow your business. Here’s how.
Unbeatable personal service, at all times.
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The most experienced paid search account manager you’ll meet.

Remember the dot.com boom? The Y2K software bug? A time before Google? Well that was when I first started working in digital marketing and paid search. And I’ve never stopped, with 22 years of experience promoting products online, spending on pay-per-click adverts and generating profits for my own business and many others.

My extensive experience in paid search is just one of the ways I can help your business grow.

I began my career in programming, so I understand software. I ran my own eCommerce business for five years, so I know what it’s like to spend your own money online. And I took an eCommerce firm from £1 million turnover to £12 million turnover with a strategy based primarily around paid search – so I know what success looks like.

But I want to know what success looks like for you. And I want to help you get there.

Your campaigns. My business.

Because I’ve spent more than twenty years either managing paid search for my own business or for a large eCommerce business as their head of online marketing, I know what it’s like to be in your position:

You have to justify every penny spent online

You need to make sure you’re getting maximum value for money

And you’re constantly worrying about doing the right thing for your business.

That’s why I treat your business like my own.

Your accounts are run exactly how I’d run them if they were my own. I ask questions about your strategy and dig deep into the data just like I would if it were my own company.

I take the time to find out everything I can about you, your products and your goals, because your campaigns are my business. My success relies on your success.

Take a look at some of the businesses I’ve helped in the last eight years as a specialist Paid Search consultant.

A passion for PPC

Since the fledgling days of Adwords when it was just another new product being tested by Google, I’ve loved paid search.

I’ve always been passionate about new technology and software development, refusing the boardroom and the office politics to remain working behind the scenes on the IT and digital marketing that makes a real difference.

And ever since Google Adwords launched, I’ve been passionate about PPC. From the initial concept of paying per click to the granular changes that make a huge impact on a campaign, I eat, sleep and breathe paid search.

I’ve seen the paid search landscape evolve into the phenomenal industry it is today, and I’m constantly embracing the exciting new features and strategic possibilities that are always emerging.

Paid search pushes boundaries. And I’m always right there at the front.

Unbeatable personal service

Besides the technology, the real reason I’m passionate about PPC is because of the results it gets for businesses. For the people I work with. For you.

There’s nothing more important to me than helping my clients, and I take their success to heart. With every business I work with, I:

Get to know MDs, CEOs, Marketing Managers and the whole business personally

Monitor their accounts on a daily basis like it’s my own money

Make constant recommendations, updates and strategic suggestions

Commit personally to getting the results that matter to you

Most importantly, I make sure I am always available for you and your team. When you ring me, you get me. No receptionist. No junior account manager. Just me.

It means there’s no Chinese Whispers about what needs to be done. No waiting around for information to be found.

Instant knowledge, instant action.

An unbeatable personal service.